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Hi Ido!

Listen, in the process of editing the August Meeting page, your browser converted the Hebrew UTF-8 characters in the page into SGML entities (&#\d+;). They cause the text to be unreadable in the edit box, and in the diff. I had to convert them back into UTF-8 using a Perl scriptlet.

What browser did you use to edit the page?

--Shlomif 23:27, 12 Aug 2005 (IDT)

I'm using firefox on debian, I think that it may be because I tweeked with the bidi settings in about:config, it didn't do anything (or so I thought) so I left it and forgot about it. I hope it's fixed now... The weird thing is that this issue only showed up on wikimedia based sites.

Edit: it seems to be fixed, I'm heading over to insert my name to the meeting. I'm sorry in advance if this wrecks things up again. Ido.

Seems to be OK Now

Hi Ido! Yes, it indeed seems to be OK now. (the page still contains the UTF-8 Hebrew characters). Thanks!

--Shlomif 16:12, 16 Aug 2005 (IDT)

Spamfighting ...

Hi - seems that you did a lot of manual spamfighting. For some reason the latest form of spam manages to filter in through Shlomif's regular expressions. It's been happening too much ever since the logged-in-edits-only restriction was removed.

I'll ask him to put back this restriction.

thanks, --AmitAronovitch

ספאם מספרים

לשאלתך - מדובר כנראה בבג באיזשהו סקריפט ספאם.

אני מקווה שהחזרת ההגבלה תפחית את המקרים האלה לרמה שאנחנו יכולים לעמוד בה.

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