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why would you perl (?) monger want the python community to be more active?

האם python אמור לשמש כנקודת מעבר בדרך לטרנפורמציה המלאה אל ה dark side?
- יאיר :)

In my opinion being diverse in your knowledge is always good. I don't know Shlomi's motivation, but I'm willing to learn perl for this purpose. I even read a perl script someone wrote yesterday! Woohoo! I understood it!

-- Arik

Answer to Yair

Hi Yair!

The reason I'm doing it is because I know there are many Pythoneers in Israel, and it's a shame they had been under-organized. I also enjoy as many FOSS activities as possible, (at least now when I don't have a job) and may also enjoy a Python-IL meeting. (I'll have to see about that).

As I noted, I don't like Python too much, but hopefully a more avid Pythoneer will take the lead once we gain some momentum.

Cool :)

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