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Whybuy was written in July 2002 and is kinda dead for several reasons.. It started because I was influenced by ESR's itch a scratch reasoning - and in Israel - mortage, housing banks and intrest are one hell of a scratch.. :)
Later on after figuring out that you can not really plan ahead the amount of money you'll save and that I totally missed out on the grandma factor - I got to the conclusion that it's plain silly.
In retrospective buying a house was one of the smartest financial descsions I've made while whybuy claimed that I should have saved an additional couple of years which was completely wrong.
The value it might bring is that I've ported almost of all of 's mortage calculators and additional calculators from javascript to python - so theretically the classes inside may server other applications. Use it on you're own risk! :)
Whybuy can be downloaded and tinkered with at

The thread blaming flaming and shaminng my Mickey Mouse script can be found here...

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