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Well, no real design document yet - you can help create it...

For now, just throw in any point that you think should enter into this document. To get the general idea of what we have in mind, read the teaser scenario (read with a non-programmer-firefox-user in mind).


Open questions

  • Should we use the existing django-issues application? Join the project? Fork it? Planning to contact them and see how it goes.
note that it seems that existing Issue model would have to be generalized a bit to be usable in our project.
  • How do we allow anonymous issue reporting but still avoid vandalism?
I propose that we set up an "anonymous" user with some captcha scheme (with accessible alternatives - a must) used as an "authentication method".

Views and use cases

  • Search issue according to site URL. Empty result triggers a "report new issue" screen.
  • Issue report screen will display the current Issue (description, status) plus the "discussion" list, containing messages and possibly status change reports.

Data Models

  • Issue object. Similar to that of a django-issues Issue, but:
    • Probably their "Project" should refer to our "Site" (changing the displayed name is no real issue...)
    • Instead of django-issues' separate urgency and importance properties, provide other criteria: e.g. accessibility rating, site importance rating (e.g. public service sites with no alternative get high priority).
    • We need more fields, such as flags indicating relevance to specific browsers. Possibly separate status field for each browser (e.g. if you provide a firefox plugin, still not solved for webkit).
  • Message object - to form "discussion threads" related to issues. Might be unified with "textual" Solution object.
  • Solution object. Types:
    • Description of manual override (e.g. - "use browser-id impersonation").
    • Plug-in/ GreaseMonkey scripts (support attached files).
    • Link to alternative site (or site-scraper supporting the broken site).

Related external gadgets

  • A bookmarklet that goes straight to the solution search form, fills in current site's URL and submits.

Demo Trac site available

I've put up a Trac instance to demonstrate that Trac may be a good solution here.

This site is no longer available -- I think I still have the modifications I made to Trac somewhere. If you're interested, talk to me.
Shai 20:44, 1 August 2010 (UTC)


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