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Last time someone (orip?) suggested something like that. Idea is (AFAIK): someone presents some active/new project, at code level. People suggest/choose/offer contributions, and maybe even write stuff in-session (only small stuff - we have time limit). NirSofer's lecture on MoinMoin was similar (we didn't improvise on the spot but he did demonstate adding a plugin and improving it).

If you think of suitable projects - please add them here.

  • Idlespoon (supposing we can get NoamRaphael to do the codereview).
    • I agree with idlespoon, sounds cool. Can perform a code review, refactor, or implement a cool feature (e.g. 3D rendered text). -- OriPeleg
    • Will be postponed to other month -- AmitAronovitch
  • I can prepare a lecture with code review of docutils, showing how to write new frontends / directives / transforms / writers. -- BeniCherniavsky
    • We could prototyping together a web interface allowing to edit(?), render and tweak options sounds cool.


It's hard to do actual hacking within the time frame of a lecture. It only allows for small proof-of-concept things. Organizing a full-day (or longer?) sprint in israel could be a lot of fun.

(put here ideas for projects you would like to sprint on)

When we have ideas and people who want to participate, we can think about time and place...

זמן ומקום

אם הולכים על רעיון ה- Sprint, יש להציע מקומות ותאריכים שיתאימו לכמה שיותר אנשים. זה המקום להציע רעיונות לבדיקה:

  • ביתו הפרטי של אחד החברים (מעין LAN party)
  • מוסדות לימוד בתקופת חופש (חופשת הקייץ?)
  • כדאי שלא יהיה בשבת.
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