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Is such a suggestion appropriate

Yair: Some time ago I made photomontages with photoshop that always featured women that are pleasant to the eye along with a funny gimmick. Sadly I do not still have digital copies with me but whoever visits my office could see some of my pieces. I guess a logo in my style would be inappropriate. what do you think?

Ido: I like Chen's logo (1) and (2), the two with the star of david in the colors of python. a nice bonus is that it scales down nicely to a favicon. can you do a third one in the same line, where it has the star of david from (1) (with curved lines, not straight ones as in (2)) but also a nice black border line like in (2)?

Chen: Ido, It is very easy to do. Actually the background for the Star-of-David is already there, and it is simply a matter of changing it's fill color. In fact that was the first draft, of (1), and I changed it's colors (to mostly Alpha) to make it more like.

I don't wish to invest more time with (1) since I find it to be sketchy and asymmetric, but the sources are out there, the permission is given and Inkscape is free software.

Also note, that I changed the colors of (3), because I realized that yellow Star-of-David (even a half of it) may have unwanted connotations.

Ido: The unwanted connotations came to my mind as well, but I think that when you change the colors AND the design - it differs too much from the original and thus losses the effect.

Chen: About the HAMSSA. Although I am not married to the concept. I stumbled upon the symbol in Maxim's font, and I figured that it could be a nice play on the (tm) in the original. Moreover, since I am not going to actually go through the process of registering this as a trade mark, or actively defend it, this might as well be as effective as the (tm) symbol.

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