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linnovate : ettiquette gray area?

The first thing that was added to the main page besides Shlomi's basic skeleton is, in fact a commercial. To make it worse - it's an anonymous update, pointing to a site that does not say one word about python (at least not in it's main page).

Yes, this is an OpenSource company, and yes, it does appear in the designated area, but think how does it make us appear - no contents and already selling stuff.

I'll assume that the person who did that is just unaware of wiki features and ettiquete and give him a few days to login - that's the link at the top right corner of any wiki page.

My vote: If he does not respond or sign that ad by the end of the week, delete it. --AmitAronovitch 02:11, 24 May 2005 (IDT)

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