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Python-IL Logo Contest

Note: Currently this site is not configured to accept uploads. I hope we will soon find a solution. Meanwhile just give links to a site hosting your image. If you don't have one, you can try using (if you have better solutions, please add them here).

Please edit this page, and add links to your suggestions. You many use Special:Upload to display your images here.

I recommend you also publish the "sources" in the original format of your image design program, so other people can edit them.

Logo Guidelines

  • Use size that can work with this wiki design: about 160px * 160px
  • Or size that can work in most sites: 40-60px high, width as needed
  • Better logo that can be use in very small size like 16px * 16px a favicon

Python Blinker-Glider

Author: AmitAronovitch

Watch image here: Python Blinker-Glider

Combines the white on blue python logo from, and the letters IL, represented by a "Life" pattern containing the hackers-IL logo.
Design notes 
  • Designed using xfig, then blurred & rescaled using the Gimp.
  • For "Life" fans: The "Life" pattern describes a Blinker being hit by a Glider. The distance of 3 cells between the I & the L was chosen to give a nice explosion (takes 183 generations to get stable debris). Too far and the glider will miss, any other short distance will make them quickly annihilate or decay to blocks.


There are some problem:

  • The "Life" story is not clear - how this is related to Python or IL?
  • The bluring of the logo is wrong - logo should be clear and crisp
  • The logo is too big
  • The "magen david" is not readable (and personally annoying)
  • Life: Not directly related, but logo indicates some (ideological? occupational? regional?) connection to Hackers-IL, by including it's logo. This in turn comes from ESR's hackers emblem, which is directly related to "life" and assumes it would be "instantly recognizable".
The "note for 'life' fans" is, well, for 'life' fans. If you are one and still think it's unclear I'll be happy to explain (or maybe point to the python "life" implementation I used to test it ;-) ).
  • Blurring: I did not like the pixelized edges. Hmm... I should have looked for anti-aliasing instead - I suppose I'll have to find out how to do that (antialiasing xfig-generated vector graphics).
  • big,unreadable: The next two points are conflicting demands I tried to ballance (smaller logo -> smaller magen-david) - some creative idea is needed to do that without ditching the whole idea.
  • And last - I'm no graphic designer, and never claimed to be an artist. Needed some initial suggestion and hoped to inspire others to add more...
--AmitAronovitch 03:24, 16 Jun 2005 (IDT)

Skeleton Suggestion

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Design notes 
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