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(Graphical progress bar (nested))
(With IPython)
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== Screenshots ==
== Screenshots ==
=== With IPython ===
=== Textual progress bar (with IPython) ===
[[Image:Ipython speed.png]]
[[Image:Ipython speed.png]]

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PySpeed - flexible progress bars for python

This is a temporary wiki for the PySpeed project.

It is mainly here because I did not find a proper place to put screenshots :-)

You are free to use this page for any purpose related to the project.


Textual progress bar (with IPython)

Ipython speed.png

Graphical progress bar (nested)

Gtk speed.png

Produced by the following code:

import speed

for i in speed.gtqdm(xrange(5)):
    for j in speed.gtqdm(xrange(5000000)): pass
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