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'''Please include a date with each submissions.''' Otherwise it's impossible to tell whether a posting is 4 minutes old or 4 years old.
'''Please include a date with each submission.''' Otherwise it's impossible to tell whether a posting is 4 minutes old or 4 years old.
== '''Web App Hero''' ==
== '''Web App Hero''' ==

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Please include a date with each submission. Otherwise it's impossible to tell whether a posting is 4 minutes old or 4 years old.

Web App Hero

Most internet startups think they've got something really cool that people are gonna like. Some even claim they're the next big thing. Of course they can't really be objective and neither can we with our startup. The difference is that our claims are way bigger. We're going to change the world and revolutionize the social web, recommendation systems, and ultimately the internet and all of commerce. Unlikely? You bet. But don't you want to be a part of the excitement and ditch your boring job and your idiot boss?

We are looking for a few super-smart web application developers who want to be part of the revolution from the very start, joining a team of heroes out to change the world. Want more info? Visit our blog at and show us how brave you are. No cape required.

Contact Ben at cognase dotcom

Python Killer

We are looking for a killer programmer in python. If you don't know python but consider yourself a good hacker we will teach you python. We develop an advanced web application that includes challenges in scalability, algorithms, asynchronous services and web 2.0 tricks. Our development platform consists of Linux, Apache, Django, MySQL\Postgres, and of course...Python!

Looking forward to hear from you.

Contact mark at hooqs dotcom

Python programmer

We are a startup company in Herzelia (Egloo). Currently we are in the final stages of releasing a Beta version of a very promising application.

We need for a full time job, an experienced Python programmer to help us make our application even better.

Contact: Itay Ben Yehuda

Python or Perl programmer for X-Per-To - a startup in Petah Tiqwa

X-Per-To is a startup, building a product in the area of Data Mining and Surveys. We are looking for experienced (3 years+) programmers that will help us design and implement our first versions. Exciting projects, real customers, and a great team. The work includes both algorithms, GUI and high level design.

Details: needed asap; Petah Tiqwa area. May 2007. Contact: Dr. Dror Zernik

Programmer for Zope3 project

Wanted, very experienced Python programmer to work on Zope3 project (long-term). Prior Zope experience is not required. This is a telecommute position and it is anticipated that any candidate will require several months to acquire necessary level of Zope expertise. It is possible for this to be part-time work initially.

Please contact Dean Powers, dean [at] gadoz dot com for further information. Jabber ID is deanpowers @ jabber dot org

Freelancer for 2-4 weeks wxWidgets project

I'm looking for a freelance developer for a 2-4 weeks project on a small wxWidgets application. Work in Herzelia (Egloo), can be done partly from home. Can be part time.

contact: Omri Reuter, EglooMedia

Freelance/CTO/co-founder - call yourself any superlative you want

My site is live but not launched. It's had significant development using Pinax. I'm paying developers offshore to work on it, but I'm looking for someone in Israel to now take the reins, and we build up from here. Right now, I can pay $2000 for a new milestone to reach. You could say I'm a semi-technical founder, but not a Djangonaut or Pythonista at all.

contact: Adrian Wajsbrem, adrian [at]

- 15 February 2011

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