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Open Source Developers' Conference, Israel 2006

This page is for planning and discussing the Python contents of the Open Source Developers Conference that will be held on 26-28 February 2006 in Netanya.


What's this?

What's OSDC::Israel
The Open Source Developers' Conferences (OSDCs) are grassroots symposia originating from Australia. The conference tries to bring together the users of various OS technologies such as Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Subversion and more.
Our aim is to bring together practitioners, scholars, students, programmers, researchers and managers from different areas to discuss their views on various aspects of the Open Source technologies, to share knowledge and to have fun while doing so.
What's the relation to YAPC::Israel
As you might (or might not) know, the Israeli perl-mongers have already held 3 successful conferences in Israel (the name and format borrow from the global YAPC tradition).
These conferences were 1 full-day long. They included several parralel tracks (mainly lectures), and were attended by ?-? developers and enthusiasts (some sent by their employers, some came on their own accord). The subjects were centered around (but not exclusively related to) Perl.
Following the success of these events, and the community's interest, the organizers decided it's time to expand the scale and scope of the event, to include other subjects relevant to Open Source technologies and development.
What's it to us?
It is widely agreed between python-IL members (and most people who ever tried serious development using Python) that the Python programming language has some great advantages, and that this potential is far from being well exploited. We feel that expanding the usage of python and utilizing it in new ways for the ICT industry and Research can boost productivity in these areas (and besides, it would be more fun for the programmers amongst us).
In this context, the coming conference presents a great opportunity. With large attendance, PR, and beginner-level presentations, we can increase the awareness for the availability and usability of Python. We'll also have the opportunity to mingle, learn, teach and exchange views with users of other Open Source languages that share some of python's greatest advantages.
The Perl community, which is much more experienced and organized than us in Israel, is giving us a chance to share the effort and learn from their experience. Let's make good use of it by showing large attendance, and giving interesting and useful presentations. Please check out the action items below and see how you can help.
What's in store
The Conference will be held on Feb 2006. Because of the larger scope and higher expected participation, it will last longer (3 full days), include much more contents, require larger space, and cost more...
Note that keynote guests have already agreed to attend: Larry Wall - inventor of Perl, and Autrijus Tang - major Pugs/Perl6/Haskell developer.
Most of the details can be found in Gabor's Call for papers. If you want more details, don't hesitate to add questions in the FAQ section below.

Action Items

If you can help with any of these please contact me, or just add some contact info in the discussion tab at the top of this page.

  1. We need presentations. Both for the beginner's track and any of the subjects mentioned below. You are encouraged to suggest more than one topic - some people can give more than one but will not be able to do several simultaniously, so your subject does not have to be exclusive.
    • Also, if you know of someone else that you think should be invited to give a presentation, please let me know (and/or contact them directly if you personally know them).
  2. PR: If you work for/connected to companies using or interested in python - make sure they know about the conference (and the 'early-bird admission fee' :-)) - they might be interesting in attending.
  3. Sponsors: If you know of companies/organizations that wish to help funding or offer other help for the conference - please let us know.

Suggested Topics

Listed below are several high priority subjects for python-related contents. The topics here are described in a broad manner - for more specific examples, have a look at our Presentations page (these were suggested as subjects for our regular meetings).

  • Python Web development - tools and environments (Zope, mod_python, Cheetah, CherryPy etc.)
  • Python GUI toolkits (wxPython, PyGTK, PyQT, etc.)
  • Building and maintaining medium/large scale applications (general methodology, usage of specific language and library features, specialized tools etc.)
  • Interfaces with other languages (Extending, embedding, automatic/semi-automatic wrapping tools etc.)
  • Language research and future Python technology (Advanced OOP features, new PEPs, interesting projects - PyPy, alternative Python implementations)


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