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Plans for the new Plone-based website

People on the mailing list have offered to host our site on a Plone based system. It seems that work has already started. Everyone is encouraged to review and contribute.

Where and How?

(Ofer/David - please fill in details here...)

New Idea for Plone based website

Please add all your ideas and thoughts here

Here are some ideas compiled from out e-mails about this:

  • Directories of People
  • Directories of Organizations/Companies
  • Job Postings
  • Book Recommendations
  • Listing of Projects
These are types we would make in ur custom products 'archetypes'
  • Community Calendar
plone has an event type already and CalendarX adds some nice views
  • Photo Gallery
plone makes thumbnails of images and has a gallery view
  • Archive of presentations and hand outs
for these we just need to make the folders
  • Tutorials
  • Glossary (there is a PloneGlossary product)
  • Ability to add RSS feeds for each section
this comes standard in plone, we just have to switch it on
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