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Rants and suggestions for the wiki

Hebrew Contents

We should support typing reasonable hebrew text (with RTL titles, lists etc.)

It should be possible - see e.g. hebrew wikipedia. It should also be possible to have some of the contents RTL and some LTR.

Maybe if we enable the <span> tag, it will work?

Syntax Highlighting

This is not essential, but would be nice (I assume people would want to add code samples here).

Note that MoinMoin wiki does support automatic syntax highlighting for python code.

Other solutions

I suggest that as soon as the server gets upgraded (acc. to User:Shlomif, this will be shortly after release of Debian sarge), some people volonteer to install and try other solutions (not that there's anything wrong with MediaWiki).

Rants and suggestions for the web page


nitpicking: Banners

Why not replace the Firefox banner with something more neutral e.g. something from anybrowser?

Not that there's anything wrong with Firefox (I even use it alot), but it's not a technology used by the site itself. You make a better argument for standards if you keep ads minimal.

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