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(not that there's anything wrong with MediaWiki).
(not that there's anything wrong with MediaWiki).
I can help to install, configure, customize and maintain a MoinMoin wiki. --Nir
== Rants and suggestions for the web page ==
== Rants and suggestions for the web page ==

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Rants and suggestions for the wiki

Hebrew Contents

We should support typing reasonable hebrew text (with RTL titles, lists etc.)

It should be possible - see e.g. hebrew wikipedia. It should also be possible to have some of the contents RTL and some LTR.

Maybe if we enable the <span> tag, it will work?

Shlomi - can you check the configuration for a way to enable this? I want to check if <span> can be used for having mixed directionality pages (i.e. some LTR headings and lists, and some RTL ones in the same site. For example, see the experiments area here: GnomeLive::AmitAronovitch )

Syntax Highlighting

This is not essential, but would be nice (I assume people would want to add code samples here).

Note that MoinMoin wiki does support automatic syntax highlighting for python code.

Other solutions

I suggest that as soon as the server gets upgraded (acc. to User:Shlomif, this will be shortly after release of Debian sarge), some people volonteer to install and try other solutions (not that there's anything wrong with MediaWiki).

I can help to install, configure, customize and maintain a MoinMoin wiki. --Nir

Rants and suggestions for the web page



Graphical Logo
Maybe make a Python-IL Logo Contest page.
I suggest Blue & White - it's the national colors, plus it feels like home for those of us that have the Library Reference constantly open in a browser tab :-)

nitpicking: Banners

Why not replace the Firefox banner with something more neutral e.g. something from anybrowser?

Not that there's anything wrong with Firefox (I even use it alot), but it's not a technology used by the site itself. You make a better argument for standards if you keep ads minimal. --AmitAronovitch

Shlomi Fish says: the problem with the anybrowser org campaign is that they advocate using broken or not very standards compliant HTML that looks better on older browsers. This is not something I support, because I don't like to support Netscape Navigator 4, etc.

A better alternative may be Browse Happy.

I think you are misreading the Graceful Degradation thing, but I won't pursue it further here, to avoid holy wars (maybe move it to hackers-IL's holy-wars section?). I'll just state my objection to your alternative. That site focuses solely on attacking IE, and gives only one argument for that - security. It says nothing about standards nor mention any other of the important arguments. If your'e going to only target one browser, I prefer the original - better to recommend Firefox than just say "IE is Evil" (mind you - for personal homepages that's a different story, Shlomi ;-) ). --AmitAronovitch 00:11, 4 Jun 2005 (IDT)

Using PHP wiki engine for the Python wiki?! How about nice Python wiki like MoinMoin, which have great support for right to left? -- Nir

Shlomi Fish Hi Nir! First of all MediaWiki has very good support for BiDirectional text, Unicode, Hebrew, etc. That's not the problem. The reason MediaWiki was preferred over MoinMoin is because MoinMoin is harder to set up, and in general less powerful than MediaWiki. Since I am the admin, I got to choose the wiki. (We had this discussion on the mailing list previously).

Its maybe more powerful, but sure more annoying to use. What mailling list?

MediaWiki is not annoying to use. Maybe you just need to get used to it. There's plenty of documentation on it over at the WikiMedia Meta-Wiki. The mailing list has been around for a long time now, and you should probably subscribe.

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