Meeting 16 June 2005

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We meet every second (or if not possible due to a different event or due to a Jewish holiday) third Thursday of the Month in Azrieli Center Tel Aviv at 18:00 (or at your option, you may arrive at a later hour, just try to reach our cell-phones).

Our next meeting is on 16 June (postponed due to the Israeli Creative Commons event), 2005. We meet in the court (רחבה) next to the cinema, and then wander off to eat and stuff like that. It is recommended that you'll wear an open-source related T-Shirt, so you'll quickly be identified as a fellow Pythoneer. Phones for coordination:

Shlomi Fish - 054-6-23-23-77

Amit Aronovitch - 050-6845825


First meeting

Suggested Topics

Feel free to add ideas (or vote against items)

  • Get to know, eat & stuff.
  • Volunteer for tasks, web contents etc.
  • Organizing lectures (need place to host).
  • More people who we want to contact.
  • Buying domain name. done


Thursday, 16 June, 2005 18:00, Azrieli, court next to cinema.


Following people wish to make it known they want to attend.


סיכום ישיבת פייתון 1

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