Meeting 16 June 2005

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We meet every second (or if not possible due to a different event or due to a Jewish holiday) third Wednesday of the Month in Azrieli Center Tel Aviv at 18:00 (or at your option, you may arrive at a later hour, just try to reach our cell-phones).

Our next meeting is on 8 June, 2005. We meet in the court (רחבה) next to the cinema, and then wander off to eat and stuff like that. It is recommended that you'll wear an open-source related T-Shirt, so you'll quickly be identified as a fellow Pythoneer. Phones for coordination:

Shlomi Fish - 054-6-23-23-77

Amit Aronovitch - 050-6845825


First meeting

Suggested Topics

Feel free to add ideas (or vote against items)

  • Get to know, eat & stuff.
  • Volonteers for tasks, web contents etc.
  • Organizing lectures (need place to host).
  • More people we want to contact
  • Buying domain name.


Wednesday, 8 June, 2005 18:00, Azrieli, court next to cinema.

Alternate suggestions

pls vote by typing your name next to suggestion

  • Thursday, same time & place (From mailing list: by Orna Agmon & Gabor Szabo) (?)


Following people wish to make it known they want to attend.

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