Meeting 14 July 2005

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The meeting will take place at Thursday, 14 July 2005 at Azrieli Center Tel Aviv. We'll meet at the court next to the cinema (or do you have a better idea?) and then wander off to eat and stuff like that. It is recommended that you'll wear an open-source related T-Shirt, so you'll quickly be identified as a fellow Pythoneer. The meeting starts at 18:00, but you may arrive later if you want and contact us on our cell-phone. Phones for coordination:

Shlomi Fish - 054-6-23-23-77


The following people wish to make it known they want to attend.


בפגישה הקודמת דיברנו על הרבה נושאים, אני חושב שצריך לבחור כמה מטרות ברורות שנוכל להשיג בטווח הקרוב.

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