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Welcome to the Python-IL Wiki. Feel free to add your content here.


Python-IL is the Israeli group of Pythoneers. Pythoneers are people using the Python programming language, a powerful and popular Agile Language.


Discuss and suggest group meetings, or other events you think python fans should attend. the next regular meeting is such an event.



If you are developing a cool Free Software project using Python, why not put here a link to your project's home page?

Open Positions

Looking to fill a Python related job? Post your wanted ad here.

Contractors and Consultants

If you are experienced with Python, help project managers, who need someone with your skills, find you.


Links to some Python humor.


Links to Python Essays,issues and writings

New website

Other Resources

  • Links to relevant, enlightening, and cool sites.
  • Python:Community_Portal - contains some external links (duplicate functionality with Links - should be united), and some links to other useful pages on the wiki.

Note: This link was added here because I noticed that most people ignore the little Mediawiki 'Navigation' tool on the left here, so they never reach any page that is not directly reachable from the main page...

  • Hot Topic - is where (someone thinks) the latest action is. Site contributors are encouraged to change this once in a while, to make it up to date.
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