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Fix The Web site - initial project

A Django based, community driven, problem tracking and solution sharing site for web standards and accessibility issues.

This is intended to grow into the core platform for implementing the ideas discussed in Projects:Fix The Web. Every journey starts with one small step...


  • Just a standard initial Django site, with a makefile that pulls in the django-issues app.
  • Some thoughts and discussions thrown into the design page.


  • bzr repository:
bzr branch
for now, I'll be content if you branch this and post your own urls. If you think a centralized project is needed, I'll make one (probably I'd do so anyways one day, but I think we need to get some actual functionality first).
  • Contact: Until we get large enough for separate means, use this wiki, the python-il mailing list, Pyweb-IL group, or even personally to me --AmitAronovitch
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