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Some correspondence (moved from April Meeting) regarding suggested "Coding Session". Should reformat this into more readable form...

  • Coding session
Last time someone (orip?) suggested something like that. Idea is (AFAIK): someone presents some active/new project, at code level. People suggest/choose/offer contributions, and maybe even write stuff in-session (only small stuff - we have time limit).
If you think of suitable projects - please add them here
  • Idlespoon (supposing we can get noamr to do the codereview).
    • I agree with idlespoon, sounds cool. Can perform a code review, refactor, or implement a cool feature (e.g. 3D rendered text). orip
      • I'm not sure noam and beni can come - will try to contact them after the holliday. Meanwhile, please try to think of other projects. --AmitAronovitch
        • I will come, but I don't think I'll be able to give a code review (too busy to prepare now) -- BeniCherniavsky
      • Will be postponed to other month -- AmitAronovitch
  • (put codesession suggestion here)
  • I will try to prepare a lecture with code review of docutils (like Nir's lecture on moinmoin). But I'm not sure I will have enough time, so still look for other ideas. -- BeniCherniavsky
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