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לעברית ראו הבית של גווידו!

>== Address ==

Aduva <br /> Betzalel 33 <br /> Ramat Gan

This is in the "Bursa Le'yahalomim" ("Diamonds Stock Exchange"), a walk away from the Tel Aviv Northern Bus Station.


Aduva is our (temporary at least) meeting place. It is the offices of a Linux-related company which also makes use of Python.

Following the recent acquisition by Sun, we plan to move to the new offices in Herzeliya.


Prospective lecturers (prbly not subscribed to the mailing-list) have been asking about the place, so here's some details:

  • Quoting Lior Kesos from his post to
We have a projector, ethernet access and all the machine generated coffee you could drink (until the machine runs out of milk and creates brown water).
  • Seating places: around 20. Long-table meeting room.
  • Refreshments: Coffee machine, cold water. Attendants usually bring snacks.
  • Projector : works fine, but some laptops (e.g. mine...) don't cooperate well with it.
  • Internet access: only from Lior's laptop
  • LAN (between people's laptops)[1]: I bring a twisted cable. Can bring a hub on reuest -- AmitAronovitch

[1] LAN: This might be useful for running demos through ssh if your laptop can't talk to the projector, but we can't forward Lior's internet connection, because it has only one LAN card (even if I bring a hub, this meens configuring Lior's machine to ip-forwarding, which I'm not sure I can handle in limited time).

If you plan to use this, make sure you know how to configure your machine with static ip.

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